Humicorp SL & Onix Future Networking SRL have signed a cooperation agreement to promote the solutions of the two companies in Smart City environments.

Smart City Solutions By Onix Future Networking SRL 


Dust Road Solutions


Led Lighting olutions

Li-Fi Communication


Energy Efficiency Devices &

Networks Analyzers

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Units On line

Protection Devices

Network Analist

Onix Network is a Telecomunication and Hi Tech company .

Our areas of action are :

-Big Data-Smart City -IoT-Product Manager Services-

-Telecom and Wireless Solution-Bluetooth-WiFi-Li-Fi-Lazer

-Equipment and solution for Electrical Network Protections

-Equipment and solutions for Energy Eficiency

-Industrial Batteries and Power Supply

-Monitoring ,Control and Testing Equipment

-Product development I+D+I

-APP & Start-Up development

-Migration to Android IOS platform

-Tailor Made Software Development

At Onix Network we belive that the technology that supports your business operation should reflect  the specific needs of your company.

Onix Network will be your Hi-Tech partner and we will be there any time you need it.